Point Men by Judith Jones Ambrosini



Dear Friends,    

After publishing my first book, The Sisterhood of Diabetes _ Facing Challenges& Living Dreams,  a collection of stories about strong and determined female athletes with diabetes, ages eight to ninety-four, who redefine past attitudes about diabetes as they motivate and inspire, I am now starting a new book, Point Men.  I invite you to be part of this book. 

This book will tell your story as one of the remarkable pioneers seeking and advocating excellent diabetes care before the tools and technology available to us today.  You set the pace.  You went out on a limb with sports or creative trial and error to live a healthy and successful life despite diabetes.  You are the role model for today’s generation of athletes, scientists and innovators in our diabetes community and should be recognized.  You are a Point Man.

Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you a questionnaire after which we can speak and I will write your story. Once the story is written I will send it to you for approval and/or edits. 

Sending regards and good bg’s.                                      



Judith Jones-Ambrosini